" Judge The Tree by The Fruit It Bears"

- Gerald Brooks

Thank you Mr. Leroy Mills and Ms. Myra Estelle!

Thank you Mr. Leroy Mills and Myra Estelle for your assistance in helping me buy back service credit from the Teachers Retirement System of Texas. You made the process so easy! Please accept and enjoy the $25 gift cards as a token of my appreciation!
Windsor B. Wimbush, Houston ISD
Mr. Brooks, Thank you for your continued financial guidance and expertise. This has been a twenty year journey and you have always steered me in the right direction. You and your teams’s patience and diligence is always appreciated.  Thank you for helping my family and friends also.   I’m set for retirement!  Many blessings to you and Momentum.
Felisha Branford. ESC, Specialist-Region 4 Education Services
Thank you Mr. Brooks for explaining my investment options. Retiring at the Rule of 90 makes more financial sense than retiring at the Rule of 80. I wish I would have met you 20 years ago!
Reynaldo Riveria, Educator, Aldine ISD
Gerald…..Thank you for your financial guidance. I truly appreciate your patience and knowledge.
Chetonya M Landry, Ed.D.
Omar, thanks for everything you’ve done for me and my family. I really appreciate you, and I will always refer you whenever I can!
Lesley Harris, Educator - Shelby County Schools
Mr. Brooks…It’s great to work with a company who treat my money like their money. You’ve made a wise investment in Myra and Angel. They are the best!
John Hopper, Retired Educator-Beaumont ISD
Mr. Brooks… We cannot thank you enough for your continued support to outstanding teachers and future educators. Your annual support is deeply appreciated, because without your support, it would be very difficult for us to honor those who are worthy of such accolades.
Dawn D. Randle, Ed.D. – HAABSE President
Mr. Mills… Henrietta and I appreciate all you’ve done and is still doing for us. Our life is secure due to your guidance. We pray that you and your family have a happy holiday season.
S.W. and Henrietta Johnson, Retired
Gerald… You and your staff are extremely knowledgeable, personable, professional and prompt. Thank you for all of the Starbucks meetings at the request of my mother and I so we could have complete understanding of my financial matters.
Simone Varma, Educator-Alief ISD
Gerald… Thank you very much for your close attention to my financial and planning needs. Your guidance through the retirement procedure with TRS is greatly appreciative. Your knowledge in all financial planning has helped to build my trust and confidence in you at all times.
Eugene Dupont, Retired Principal-Fort Bend ISD

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